Friday, June 9, 2017

Real Talk - Episode #3 | Technology and Future of Humanity

Yeah yeah, I know. I went on and on but I felt like I really wanted to get this video out there as I always talk about it with a couple customers and friends. Def needed to be addressed. Someone may look at this like im bitching, and I am! I just feel it has gotten so out of control that we no longer like to be personable. ◈ Personal Favorites ◈ Favorite Dripper Juice: Favorite RTA/Tank Juice: Favorite RDA: Favorite Single 26650 Mod: Favorite Cotton (Rug): Favorite Thumb Scissors: ◈ Other Videos ◈ Best RDA's of All Time: Best RTA’s of All Time: ◈ Social Media ◈ Subscribe to YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Wicks and Coils Facebook Group:

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