Friday, June 16, 2017

PVA: HCigar VT Inbox DNA75 Update and Rundown

This is a updated review (PVA) of the Inbox. Being that when this came out not too many people cared about squonking, its gaining more headway as squonking is becoming more relevant to the day to day of most vapers. ◈ Purchase ◈ Gearbest: Fasttech: Inbox Panels: ◈ Links ◈ Original Inbox Video: ★ Rating: High ◈ Personal Favorites ◈ Favorite Dripper Juice: Favorite RTA/Tank Juice: Favorite RDA: Favorite Single 26650 Mod: Favorite Cotton (Rug): Favorite Thumb Scissors: ◈ Other Videos ◈ Best RDA's of All Time: Best RTA’s of All Time: Real Talk w/Jai Haze: ◈ Social Media ◈ Supporters and Fans: Subscribe to YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Wicks and Coils Facebook Group: ◈ Advocacy ◈ CASAA: SFATA:

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