Sunday, May 21, 2017

Joyetech Penguin All In One Kit Review and Rundown

This is a (p)review of Penguin All in One Kit by Joyetech. Once again I had a huge issue with yet another all in one kit. This has a lot of airflow but I had a problem with BOTH coils. The non adjustable airflow threw me thru a loop, ◈ Purchase ◈ VaporDNA: Element Vape: ◈ Personal Favorites ◈ Favorite Dripper Juice: Favorite RTA/Tank Juice: Favorite RDA: Favorite Single 26650 Mod: Favorite Cotton (Rug): Favorite Thumb Scissors: ◈ Other Videos ◈ Best RDA's of All Time: Best RTA’s of All Time: Real Talk w/Jai Haze: ◈ Social Media ◈ Supporters and Fans: Subscribe to YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Wicks and Coils Facebook Group: ◈ Advocacy ◈ CASAA: SFATA:

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