How My Ratings Work?

I have been asked to explain the rating system I use in my reviews. As with all reviews, my ratings and my reviews are based upon my opinions of the products I review. Opinions are, by definition, subjective. My rating system is simply my effort to give my subscribers a numerical score with which to compare the products I review, based upon my opinions. I do not pretend that these scores are objective measurements, but simply an additional way for my subscribers to weigh my opinions about the thousands of vape products on the market. My reviews are based upon my overall experience in the vaping industry both as a vape shop owner, a vape reviewer, and a dedicated vaper. Just like you, I have my own preferences and style of vaping, but I believe that my broad experience in the industry and my willingness to be honest and as unbiased as possible provide a unique and valuable perspective for those who are looking for guidance and advice.
Before explaining the standards I use for each numerical rating, I want to first explain the general guidelines under which my numerical rating system works:

Type of Product:

Each numerical rating is intended to apply to a product within its general category as compared to other products within the same category. While there are no absolute standard categories for the many vape products on the market, there are some more widely used terms. For example, the term “RDA” commonly refers to a “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.” So, when I review an RDA and give it a numerical rating, I am rating that RDA on a numerical scale as compared to other RDAs I have reviewed. Without listing all the categories of vape products here, please understand that I try to rate each product within its category, like a mech tube mod to other mech tube mods, or a mech squonker to other mech squonkers, and so on.

Ratings Change with Time:

The vaping industry is dynamic and new products are coming out every day. Accordingly, a rating of “9” for an RDA in 2016 may not hold up when compared to a new RDA in 2018. My numerical ratings must be viewed in light of the date issued.

Low-Medium-High: In addition to the numerical rating described below, I also place each product rating in the “low or medium or high” category. To some degree, these are my “buy it or don’t buy it” guidelines. Generally, the numerical rating will fall into these groupings as follows:
  • Low: 0-4 (Don’t buy)
  • Medium 5-7 (Buy it, but understand its limitations.)
  • High 8-10 (Absolutely buy it.)
However, don’t be surprised if a product I have rated as a “7” gets a “high” rating. These three categories are a bit fluid in my view. For example, I might recommend a pod system with a “7” rating as “high” if I think it is the best or one of the best pod systems currently available.

The Jai Haze Numerical Rating Guidelines:

  • “0” This product is junk, doesn’t function as advertised and is inherently defective. 
  • “1” This product may function, but it has so many inherent flaws or is so cheaply manufactured, that you shouldn’t even consider purchasing this product.
  • “2-3” This product is poorly manufactured, is unreliable or poorly designed. It may function, but it won’t be enjoyable for you.
  • “4” This product will function, but it has enough problems that I would never use it and wouldn’t recommend you waste your money.
  • “5-6” This product has some problems, either in design or manufacturing quality, but it works as advertised and may be worth picking up for the price if you don’t care about the faults that I point out in my review.
  • “6.5-7” This is a decent product and is worth adding to your collection. I have to be impressed enough with the design and functionality to give a product this high of a rating. It may not be a ground-breaking or innovative product, but it is a solid product and performs well and reliably.
  • “7-8” This is a really good product that I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and using. I would buy this product for myself and keep in a regular rotation. Generally, this product added something new to the industry or made an older product that much better.
  • “8-9” This is a phenomenal product. It does everything its product category requires of it and does it in an innovative and reliable manner. Go buy this product, you won’t be sorry.
  • “9-10” From phenomenal to perfect. Of course, nothing is perfect, so at this level, I will start using more decimal points between 9 and 10 and I will desperately look for any nit-picking points I can find to show that I looked carefully for faults that I couldn’t find. 

Fans Perspective (Codrin)
(0) - A complete waste of time and money. Any product with this rating doesn’t function in any sense other than MAYBE being a paperweight. The person/company that designed and created this absolute piece of garbage should be put in jail or worse. Worthy of a brutal hazing without a shred of mercy.
(1) - Depending on this product being a mod/atty, it either stops working after being turned on, or it somehow manages to produce flavourless vapour but nothing more. Beyond the most BASIC functionality, if something receives a rating of a 1, it just BARELY performs the bare minimum. Stands to be hazed in barbaric fashion (with some mercy).
(2) - Slowly getting there. The idea was there but the conception went far left field. Somewhere along the line, the ‘innovation’ that was promised got lost in translation, and here we are left with a sliver of hope for the future. Any product with a rating of 2 missed the mark completely, but at least it does something. Once again not worth buying, or even contemplating buying. Worthy of a hazing, although performed gingerly.
(3) - Just another run of the mill copy of 100 other mass produced China products. Nothing special here. It functions somewhat but considering no thought went into this mod/atty we can’t justify giving a copy any praise whatsoever. With a few improvements, a ‘3’ product can play ball with the big boys, but unfortunately the company that produced this can’t be bothered with QC or creative thinking. Borderline hazing worthy.
(4) - Okay what happened here. The hopes were high and soon the let down became real. Any piece with this rating works. It functions as a last resort option, but the words on the box and the vape models displaying it probably lied to you about its full capabilities. A 4 cannot be recommended unless you find it on sale for $2. Not worthy of a hazing.
(5) - To put it simply, this thing works... but no more than that. Probably another copy of something that already exists, with a tiny tiny amount of creativity behind it. A ‘5’ is what the ‘3’ would’ve been had there been some sort of quality control. Recommendation based on opinion, but once again, it works. Hazing not an option anymore.
(6) - Now we have something here. Something with a hint (no more no less) of freshness and youthful creativity. Most likely this product works well and is built well, with the only problem being lack of innovation or quality control (these companies really should CLEAN THEIR SHIT). Recommended to anyone that doesn’t have high hopes but wants something that works consistently.
(7) - If you’re looking to genuinely enjoy vaping, don’t look anywhere under a rating of 7. Well built, well designed, well machined... with a considerable amount of ingenuity and creativity. With one or two minor adjustments a ‘7’ can skyrocket towards being a ‘9’. Recommended, just don’t trade your wife or kids for it.
(8) - A breath of fresh air. Goes beyond expectations and hard to find problems with. An ‘8’ is what happens when the phrase “if it ain’t broke” comes into play. Simply put, this mod/atty took an original idea, and implemented it without any gimmicks. It does what it’s supposed to do, it looks and feels good, and there are little to no problems with it. Highly recommended if you want to earn an appreciation for the finer things.
(9) - CALL YOUR UNCLE. Whoever made this deserves at the very least a kiss on the nose and at the very most sexual favours. Impeccable machining, PROPER quality control, amazing functionality, and built to last. The closest thing to perfect, it just doesn’t feel like a 10 quite yet. If you ever see a ‘9’, buy it and don’t think twice. You’ll thank me later.
(10) - Whomever is responsible for creating a ‘10’ should qualify for sainthood. This device/atty/whatever-it-is will be more appreciated than your spouse and loved more than your kids. Not a single problem with it. Leaves nothing to be desired and fulfills each and every vape need you may have. Every nook and cranny was inspected twice and there isn’t a flaw in sight. If you ever land upon a 10, you will be infinitely satisfied and only be disappointed with anything less. Buy this and throw away everything else. Utter and complete perfection.

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